Paper Paper Beautiful Paper!

Sometimes it simply AMAZES me how easily paper is overlooked when it comes to planning for a wedding or celebration. Believe it or not – there are quite a few people who think invitations are simply not important….. Did you know that the majority of invited guests actually keep invitations as mementos – even when those who are searching for the invitation think that the opposite is true? I recently had a consultation for wedding invitations and the bride informed me that she had kept every invitation she had ever received from her friends weddings over the years. It proved to me that even in this world of text messaging and emails that there are still those that value paper and think highly of well designed stationery pieces. My bride truly “gets it” and understands that quality stationery is not something that one hurries to put together so that they can merely get the word out about their function; quality stationery is meant to announce their function – set the tone for the event – and to be treasured as a keepsake.

It surprises me how many people – and not only couples, but sometimes even magazines and websites – tend to forget that the invitation is by far one of the most important wedding purchases you can make. Why?? Because the invitation is the first thing your guests see when it comes to your event and contains all of the pertinent information about your event to help them determine what to wear, where the event will be and so on. Simply put, your dress might be gorgeous; the flowers might be breathtaking; and the menu could very well be the best ever put together – but without an invitation who would even know anything about these details….? You spent a small fortune on all of the other event elements…..but reduce your invitation to what would amount to putting all of your event information on a piece of notebook paper – or worse yet – an Evite (gasp)!

Please reconsider your placement of the importance of paper in your wedding budget. It truly is more important than it is given credit for. And I promise – your guests reaction to (and anticipation of) an event in which a gorgeous invitation suite designed by a custom invitation designer was received will far outweigh their reaction to an ordinary suite purchased from Michael’s.

Don’t be ordinary when it comes to your wedding or social event – be EXTRAORDINARY from start to finish. Contact a custom stationery designer and see the ways in which paper can be added to enhance your wedding or social event.


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